Thur. April 12, 2018 – mixed bag

63F and damp, with partly cloudy skies. Maybe I’ll get some outdoor work done today.

Otherwise I’ve got a mixed bag-o-observations.

Adventure Medical GlacierGel and blister first aid packets ROCK.

Everyone should have this in there bug out bag, hiking kit, and first aid kit. No visit to a theme park or vacation should be without. The dressings are SUPER thin, have a cushioning gel, and stick tight. Highly recommended.

A ‘moka pot’ makes a tasty cup of coffee. It’s a bit messy loading the coffee, and mine drips when pouring if you aren’t careful. I broke the carafe on my 15 year old Melitta 4 cup coffee maker and have been using the moka pot backup for a couple of days. If coffee is an essential part of your preparedness planning, an appropriately sized moka pot is easy and fairly quick.

If observers from such radically different starting points as me/Alex Jones/Rush Limbaugh and the Nation of Islam can look at the current world situation and arrive at similar conclusions, there just might be something to it. [see my comments late yesterday] TPTB are moving behind the scenes. This is one of those points in history where there is a massive shift and realignment happening…. mice get squashed when the elephants dance.

It’s state testing time in our elementary schools. Parents and volunteers are ordered [very strongly encouraged] to stay away this week. While the school insists this is to provide a quieter, calmer environment for the students testing, I get nervous and suspicious whenever an institution chases all the observers away. If this ‘quieter and calmer’ environment is necessary for success, what does that say about the conditions during the normal school day? If you are proud, confident, and secure, you show off your achievements and processes, you don’t hide them.

During the republican primaries here, the local apparatchik that was running for her next job suckling on the public teat got handed her hat. She spent literal millions and was soundly defeated by unknowns, some of whom spent almost nothing. Now we’re gonna have a run off. This guy is the kind of person we need as a ‘public servant’ and that we so rarely get.

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