Wed. April 11, 2018 – more work

48F and you can see your breath this AM. Clear skies and should warm up. Good day to do yard and garden work. So of course I’ll be driving around and probably not get to the garden.

The march to war continues. The world economy teeters on the edge. The soft coup attempt continues, and the plotters are desperate to win, because they are faced with ruin if they don’t.

Gah, I woke up dreaming I was caught in the zombie apocalypse, and realized a couple of things.

– if you are carrying armor, ammo, and weapons, you aren’t carrying enough food, or anything else.

-if you are fighting on foot or from a vehicle you REALLY need suppressed weapons.

-if you don’t have somewhere to go, you are just a refugee.

-a loaded vehicle outside the city limit waiting for you could save your life (hello locker 9).

-never split the party.