Mon. April 23, 2018 – empty brain syndrome

51F and damp. Chilly. But the sun is out, and I’m sure it will warm up.

So much in the news, but I can’t seem to gather a cogent thought about any of it. Freakin’ FBI had the Waffle House shooter’s guns and gave them back. Now 4 people are dead. His dad should get Federal charges for the transfer to a prohibited person, and possibly accessory to murder. I think “shall not be infringed” applies to ALL the current gun laws, and they are all unConstitutional on their face, but until we get rid of them (and accept that there will be lots of situations we don’t like, kinda like with ALL the Amendments) ENFORCE THE LAW. If he’s too crazy to have guns, he’s too crazy to be walking around dressed or NAKED.


Decided what to put in the redone raised beds. It’s a bit late, but I’m going to do a row of snap peas, just in case it stays cool a bit longer. I’ll do a row of bush beans (long and purple) in front of that, with a row of carrots, some turnips, and somewhere a couple of collards.

I’m now pretty sure the onions I moved to the fence boxes are really leeks. Which is ok, but not what I was hoping for. I harvested the last beet from last year. Damnable squirrels.

Cilantro never did get big enough for harvest.

I’ll find some sort of bean or pea that will grow here, or I’ll kill them all trying….