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Thur. May 31, 2018 – short time

Another typical and beautiful day here in the swamp. Just gonna be a bit hot and humid…. starting out almost exactly like the last 3 days. NOAA has us clear for 3 days. I’ll be watching. They’ve been all over … Continue reading

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Wed. May 30, 2018 – how did we get to this point?

78F and rising…… summer in Houston. As I do a quick survey of the headlines, looking for a topic to toss into the ring, I’m struck by how far things have gone in just a year or two. A journalist … Continue reading

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Tues. May 29, 2018 – short week

76F, 88%RH and headed for another hot one. I’d say, summer is firmly here in Houston, I don’t expect it to be much cooler from here on out. Last week of school in our district. Testing is over, and now … Continue reading

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Monday May 28, 2018 – Memorial Day

A day for remembering our fallen soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines. There is a cost. A sometimes terrible cost. And they paid it- willingly, grudgingly, reluctantly, or heroically- they paid it for us. Remember them, honor them, and enjoy what … Continue reading

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Sun. May 27, 2018 – open….

Already 90F at 9am…. Never got much storm after the warning last night. Looks nice and hot out now. Kids let me sleep, and I’m stiff and sore 🙁 but there’s plenty to do today. Guess I better pull up … Continue reading

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Sat. May 26, 2018 – sore, and busy!

Looks like it’s gonna be another hot one, just like all week. 77F and humid. Sunny, scattered clouds. Good day for a pool party. Daughter number one is having her birthday party at our Rec Assn Pool. After Swim lesson, … Continue reading

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Fri. May 25, 2018 – what did you do this week?

72F with blue sky and puffy clouds. Forecast calls for thunderstorms. We’ll see. There was a storm forming and headed into the Gulf, just in time to wreck the opening weekend of summer. Our weather here in Houston is unpredictable … Continue reading

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Thur. May 24, 2018 – yikes, time is flying….

73F and damp. No prediction about later, I’ve been wrong the last three days. It did get nice yesterday late in the afternoon. I’ve got to leave the house today and get some stuff done. Got to. Seriously. Really need … Continue reading

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Wed. May 23, 2018 – I call shenanigans

74F and clear, sunny blue skies. Gonna be another hot one here in the swamp. Coverage of the Santa Fe murders has dropped off, and some things don’t add up. I’m starting to suspect some official shenanigans. Eyewitnesses say half … Continue reading

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Tues. May 22, 2018 – beautiful day

71F but humid and wet, with sunny clear skies. I’m hoping for a nice day. We’ll see if I get any work done today. n

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