Day: August 31, 2022

Wed. Aug. 31, 2022 – ain’t nothing but a thing…

Maybe not hot.  Maybe only pretty warm with some moisture from the sky…  supposedly rain for the next 7 days, but given that it’s Houston, some people will be getting rain, and some won’t.  It’s a bit harder to guess what the weather will be like a few hours north at the BOL, which is where I’ll actually be.  Since we’ll be digging trenches, it would be nice if the forecast of light rain was REALLY light.   The lake needs rain, but I’m selfish.   The following week we’re digging a big hole for the septic, so NO rain next week would be ideal.

We certainly got some rain here yesterday.   It hammered down and we got more than an inch at the house.  We didn’t have any flooding on our street so it wasn’t long enough.   The yard is a squishy mess though.  Everything will probably grow crazy amounts, and split open like a fat tick.  Gah.   Dry, then too wet.

Did more cleaning and organizing, since I was confined to the house.   Poked around in the garage, and didn’t find any dead critter.  I did find some chocolate milk boxes scattered around.  I think that is what was dripping, not body fluids.   It certainly stinks like rotten something, but I think the something is milk.   I sprayed it with clorox cleaner, and I’m letting that work over night.

Today’s agenda is – work.   Get some stuff done around the house, load up, head to the BOL in the afternoon.   Plan is to stay  there while the electricians are working, then have the family join me for the long weekend late Friday night.

I’ll be doing stuff while up there, mostly plumbing I think.   I think I won’t want to do much outdoors if it’s raining, even a little.  LOTS of plumbing, including the replacement gas lines and the bathrooms.

We’ll see how it shakes out.

Stack some stuff.   Stack some skills.   Worst comes to worst, stack your enemies like cordwood.



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