Day: August 3, 2022

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022 – meetings, and driving, and driving the meetings…

Hot and humid but still nicer than Houston.    Even though I don’t think Houston hit 100F at my house, it was still nicer up here.

Did some stuff at home in the morning, including seeing my tire guy.   The tires on the Ranger need to be replaced.   They are approaching the wear bars, and were pretty slick on wet roads last month.  I didn’t fix my own flat- ran out of time,  so I had my local guy fix it, just so I’d have a spare for this trip.

He had 4 new Goodyear tires in my size in the shop, with a heavy duty load rating, so I’ll go with those.  $540 for 4 installed (and should be all the fees included too.)  I’ll get that done on Thursday morning.

Then I loaded up the truck and headed to the country.   Unloaded by myself here.  I hate moving matresses, especially by myself.  Rope and dragging was involved.   Good thing it had a protective cover on it.  Note to self, if it takes two people to load, it probably should have two people to UNload too.

Met with the new electrical company.  He didn’t run screaming… so I’m hopeful.  He did say it would be the 18th at the earliest to start work, and that he wouldn’t have any supply issues with what I need.  That’s really only a couple of weeks away so I hope his bid is reasonable.

After that I cut the grass and moved some landscaping rock.   I have been moving it from one flower bed to another, a couple of shovels full at a time.   Because of where it is I really only want to be running the shovel and rake after the sun sets.  And since shovelling hurts, I only want to do it for short periods.    No rush on this project anyway, but I can chip away at it every time I’m up here.

Some things I can “slow and steady” and some need to be dogpiled.


I’m meeting the new foundation guy today, then the septic guy again.   Hopefully the septic guy can help me with grading, demo, and site prep.  And hopefully now that I have a tentative electrician and schedule, he’ll order the tanks.

I need the foundation guy to say “yes, we have what you need to do this job, and we want to do it.”   THAT will really start things moving in the right direction.

So fingers crossed…..

Stacking up bills today.   I’ll stack stuff again tomorrow.



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