Day: August 10, 2022

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022 – time to make the donuts…

Hot and humid, but it did get below 80F last night, so there is that.   My neighborhood got hammered by rain in the afternoon, over an inch in places, but the rest of Houston got little.   I was out driving and could see the thunderstorm cell in  the distance, and figured it was near my house.   It was.  Some of the local water level monitoring stations alerted due to how much rain fell so quickly.  One consequence is that I couldn’t cut the (wet) grass Monday or Tuesday.  Not getting “Yard of the Month” any time soon.

Did some of my errands.  Dumped the debris I brought home from the BOL.   Checked out some stuff I saw in the dumpster when I picked up some auction items a couple of days ago.   It looked like cedar lumber, from a pergola or outdoor shelter kit.  I have a need for some cedar lumber for repairs at the BOL dockhouse, so I went back for a closer look.   Unfortunately not cedar.   Lots of interesting stuff in the dumpster, from a big auction house that does mostly larger store returns.  I don’t need any projects, but I might need materials for projects I’ve already got.   Keep a flexible mind when it comes to sourcing during the upcoming unpleasantness.   “Scrounger” was a necessary team member in some very “resource constrained” environments.  On a more general note, knowing where to get stuff, when stuff is hard to get, is very useful.

I’m thinking about some stuff, how it goes together, and how to teach or pass it on.  Currently I’m at Reuse, Repair, Repurpose.


And of course, stack it high.


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