Day: August 6, 2022

Sat. Aug. 6, 2022 – more plumbing…

Another hot and humid day.  It was much cooler here than Houston last night and the breeze was nice too.  79F when I went to bed.

Spent yesterday running around.   Did some pickups but not all.   Solving the issues at the rent house cost me a couple of hours and a gallon of sweat.   Then the plumber arrived and did the rest.   I’m a great believer in rental income as a hedge against inflation, as long as you can trust the .gov to not steal from you.   If I lived somewhere else, I’m not sure I’d want to roll the dice   It isn’t easy money though by any means.

Today should be plumbing, in one form or another.  I’d love to have someone else do it, but there isn’t anyone available here, and the cost would be far higher than I have budgeted.

Handyman skills seem to be in increasing demand.  Truly skilled tradesmen are not available, or are priced out of the market, leaving a big opening for someone who can do the smaller jobs and make money at it.    I have no interest in doing it for money at the moment, but if it changes, I know I could.   Every one of these DIY projects builds skill and confidence.

In a down economy, any sort of repair job should do well as people try to get more out of what they have rather than buy new.   The biggest problem with that is they don’t have money in a down economy 🙂   So acting as your own repair/ handyman is a good choice.

Brush up on some skills.   Practice fixing things.   Take on a DIY project.   Save some money in the process, and stack up useful knowledge.

Chances are you or someone you know will need it.


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