Day: August 25, 2022

Thur. Aug. 25, 2025 – looking for stuff, loading it up, getting ready

And using the pickup truck so naturally there is possible rain in the forecast… along with heat and humidity.   Although I have to say, much less heat than last week.   We also got local light and heavy rain.  At my storage unit I got soaked.  At my barber, we didn’t get any rain at all, and they are less than a mile apart.  Weird Houston weather.

Drove around and did pickups, then stopped at my barber for a cut before my show.  It’s been a while, and I got used to cutting my own hair.   I’ve been going to the same guy for about 18 years so we usually have a good chat.  Over that time, his price for  a clipper cut went from $12 to $15 to $20.  As the neighborhood has gentrified, his rent has increased dramatically too.

Everyone I talked with yesterday had high prices and increased violent crime on their mind.   One lady wants Trump to win re-election and do something about it, with the comment “our current president sure isn’t.”  As a side note, almost all of the people I talked to were Hispanic, none were reactionary old white men.

Something else that I’ve been noticing and has been bugging me…   the current world is DRAB, and becoming drabber.   I think it’s a reflection of the zeitgeist.  One whole parking lot, no brightly colored cars.  Only black, silver, white, grey, the occasional older dark red, or champagne color.   Driving on the expressway, ONE colored car, a blue Extera that was an obvious repaint.   The pickup line for elementary school, not one bright color.    The natural colored brick houses in my neighborhood are being painted white, grey, and black when they are flipped.    There is a whole development across from my daughter’s old school that is black and dark green.   Other new housing all over town is almost universally white, grey, black, or a combination.   Once you see it, you see it everywhere.     If the colors people are buying reflect the mood, we’re in a world of hurt.

Don’t get caught short.  Stack it high.


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