Day: August 1, 2022

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022 – busy as a one armed paper hanger

Hot and humid, back to Houston style… I’m sure it is hotter here than there.

Interesting view of the moon last night, horned moon, and against a clear electric blue sky.  Really blue, but only for a few moments.

Pack is all back together.   I’ve got the kids all day, so I’m probably home most of it.   Although I might get out to do a quick pickup or two.

I did get some real work done at the BOL.   We are currently down to one bathroom we can only use sparingly…  but I don’t see any show stoppers for getting the master bath back up and running.   The missing toilet flange looks like it will be straightforward to replace with a repair kit I already have up there.   The plumbing all needs to be redone.  Par for the course.  Even copper pipe needs to be replaced after nearly 50 years, especially if there are issues with the water, or you’ve mixed metals in the system.   The galvanized nipples are all completely shot where they join brass Ts.  And some of the brass Ts have pinholes too.  At least replacing it with pex is easy.  I don’t trust the longevity, especially of the sharkbite push on connections, but it’s easy.  And it will outlive me in all likelihood.

That is one thing I keep reminding myself, all the corners the old man cut, and all the decisions he made, all the dubious choices, lasted longer than HE needed them to.  They had a lifetime warranty 🙂

I hope my choices last for 50 years.

Wednesday’s meetings with the new contractors and the septic guy will set the tone for the next few months.   I hope we can get going on the big items.   It’s nice to drink coffee on the dock in the mornings, but not having septic  or solid power and water means it’s not ready for use, and that isn’t good.

Stack all the things.   You’ll need them and more…


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