Day: August 20, 2022

Sat. Aug. 20, 2022 – beavering away…

Hot and humid, of course.   Remains to be seen just how hot and how humid.   I’m hoping for a small break in the weather while I crack rocks in the hot sun.


Got up here yesterday, having missed or postponed 3 pickups.  Between the rain and delays getting started, I just ran out of time.   On the plus side, gas was cheaper at $3.19 per gallon, credit price, and just off the freeway in Conroe too.  Of course the Shell station on the frontage road had $4.50 on their sign.   Tha’s just nuts.

Plan for today is remove some concrete walkway for the electricians to get access.  Move some bushes to get them out of the way of the work.  Rig something to water them, so they don’t just die in their new location.  In between, do plumbing.

We’ll see if the plan survives contact with the enemy.   And it just occurred to me that I should have brought up a pop up canopy to provide some shade while working.    Dang.

And while doing all that, take frequent breaks to make sure the dog doesn’t mess up the house.   I hope he feels better today.

I decided not to bring more frozen food up here yet.  I’m worried something would go wrong while the electricians are working, and better to just have what’s already here at risk.  I did bring up a couple of small things, like an oil lamp, but didn’t do much to add to the stacks.

I will probably sleep in a bit too.  Haven’t been sleeping well, and am really short at the moment.


So I’m stacking up sleep! For a day or two, while doing all the things, anyway.


Stack what you can.



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