Day: August 9, 2022

Tues. Aug. 9, 2022 – and the beat goes on

Hot and humid.   But are we finally getting past summer?  Nope.   Houston hot and swamp humid.  It even got to 101F in the shade before I left the BOL.

I slept late, was half crippled when I did get up, and did plumbing and cleanup for the rest of the day.   Then headed home, with one stop for an auction pickup- for kitty litter for my emergency toilet.  I hope the 40 pound box lasts the rest of my life.  I had a box here in Houston, but I’m building up  our preps up north too.  Hence the need for more litter.  The clumping kind makes handling the plastic bag lining the bucket easier, and less likely to be messy.

Got an estimate for the first phase of the electrical work.  Seems reasonable, and if he can stick to the schedule we talked about last week, I may have a celebratory slap up next week when it’s all in.  Fingers crossed, because if that happens on time, then the septic can go in on time, and that would be all three majors on the calendar…

Today will be more of the usual… some pickups, some driving, some kidstuff, some home stuff.  Or maybe 3 of 4.

Or maybe just 2 out of three ain’t bad.

Stack it up.



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