Day: August 5, 2022

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022 – headed back up

Hot, hot, hot.   Parts of town got rain yesterday but I didn’t here at the house.  Some threatening weather, but no delivery.   Today will be similar I think.  Someone will get rain, but not most.

I did my errands.   Got interrupted by plumbing issues at my rent house, and did some more errands.  Tires look good on the Ranger.  The take offs were bad enough I didn’t even want to save any of them.  Did some of the pickups I’d delayed.  Chatted with a new seller.  I got some smoking deals.   They were a bit less excited about the prices.  Most of it was stuff for the BOL.

Today I’ll be meeting a plumber, picking up some auction stuff and taking it to my buddy.   Cheap freezers for all!   Didn’t get to see my barber yesterday and probably won’t today either.   Which sucks.  I was looking forward to getting a real cut instead of my (admittedly not too bad) home effort.  At least the front doesn’t look bad…

Then at some point, I’ll head up to Conroe to pick up some stuff, pretty much all for the BOL, and some of it for the dock up there.  After that, onward!

There is work to be done at the lake.   And I’m the being to do it.  I guess.

Stack up some good will this week.  Help someone out.


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