Day: August 29, 2022

Mon. Aug. 29, 2022 – ‘back to reality, back to life…’

Back to heat and humidity.   81F at 11 pm when I went to bed.   That’s a bit hotter than the previous week.  Some parts of town got more rain yesterday, so that’s good.  I didn’t see any but there was a lot of very localized weather yesterday.

My show wrapped up, I put the stuff back in storage, and went by one of my favorite auctioneers.   She’s open to trying an auction with a bunch of my ‘show’ non-prepping hobby stuff.   I am going to do some sorting, and see what I end up with.  I’ll certainly get some stuff together for her.   My other local auctions aren’t taking my stuff this week.

I need to get it all arranged one way or another so I can head up to the BOL and stay for a week if needed.   We were planning on being up there for the holiday weekend.  I’ll just get an early start, and stay a bit later.  Maybe.  We’ll see.

Today though, I have a couple of small things to pick up.  And some storage unit organizing, and some office cleaning…

So I should get to it.   Gotta re-stack the stuff…


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