Day: August 8, 2022

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022 – still at the BOL working

Of course it’s hot and humid.   Less so than Houston, but still…


Lake level continues to drop.  Down about 24 inches from normal.  It really would be nice to get some rain, but NOT a hurricane.

Spent yesterday working on the master bath.  Made progress.  It’s nice when I can focus on a task for a few hours even if that task is back breaking and tedious.

Today I’ll keep working on getting the toilet install finished.   If I can do that and a couple of smaller things I’ll feel pretty good.  Then it’s home to dump a load of trash and do all the normal things, plus we’re starting ‘back to school’ stuff.  Hard to believe we’re almost done with summer.

Time flies when you’re having fun.  Or something.

I realized I don’t have any sewing supplies up here.   One more thing to add to the list.

Keep stacking.  And figure out where your gaps are.  Then work on filling them.


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