Day: August 21, 2022

Sun. Aug. 21, 2022 – finishing up, then home

But first, hot and humid.   Less hot than previously, still plenty humid.

Did a ton of hard work yesterday, taking advantage of the lower temp and overcast sky.  Most of the detail is in last night’s comments.

Today I need to locate the underground utilities and mark them.  I need to locate the trench for the new gas line too.  The elec-chickens are going to trench it for me at time and materials while they are here with the machine.   I also got 70ft of pex ready for them to put in the trench with the service drop.  It’s cheaper than just about any other choice and all I need is a conduit to pull coax or net cable through if that ever becomes available.   I learned on the job that it was a lot cheaper to put a couple of cat 5s in the trench or conduit to future proof an install.   The pex is just a buried path from the pole to the house, just in case….

I also helped the neighbor move a stone countertop into is place.  They are working on it same as us.   He let me run an extension cord from his garage to mine so I can have some backup for the freezers and fridges when the electricians are doing the switchover.  This will save my wife from having to deal with the gennie, unless there is some other issue.  BTW, and inch and a half thick slab of countertop is HEAVY.

Between that, the sledgehammer work, and all the other lifting and carrying, not to mention shoveling, that I did, I might have to take some Tylenol today.  I try to avoid it, so I don’t over do it when I’m already hurting, but pain killers and anesthetic are the wonders of the modern world.  It would be silly to not use them if needed.

After all, grid is still up and civilization hasn’t cratered yet…

But if it does, you’ll be glad you have big stacks!



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