Sat. April 20, 2019 – lots to do

Probably cool and dry-ish? I’m hopefully sleeping in and putting this up last night… [yep, finally my back woke me, and it is 67F and 57%RH]

I’ve got work to do at our rec association today, and gardening to do. Kids can play outside at the association while I’m working. That means my wife can get some holiday shopping done.

That is the plan, we’ll see if it works out that way.

Had a nice campfire in our pit last night. Roasted marshmallows and made s’mores. Don’t know how many nights we have left before it’s too hot for that to be comfortable. It was a beautiful day and a bit chilly at night.

Regarding the garden, I’ve decided on cukes for the side bed, carrots and beans for the bed under the grapevines, and possibly some more beans for the bed behind the house. I’ll probably put a couple of peppers and tomatoes in pots while I’m at it, and trim a couple of trees. Might harvest some kumquats with small child and see where that takes us. Maybe into jelly making land…

We’ll also see if it’s too late to get turnips, radishes, and beets into somewhere, possibly the ‘window boxes’ on the fence..

I’m so late….