Tues. April 9, 2019 – world order continues to shift

59F and saturated. Nice and cool last night, so maybe spring isn’t quite gone yet.

I did manage to pick up 6 bags of soil for the gardens. I think I’ll need at least 6 more.

A quick glance at the headlines shows more and continuing shifts in the world order.

Turkey is moving toward Russia.

“China‚Äôs Special Forces To Station In Zimbabwe, Build Secret Underground Base To Protect Natural Resource Claims” — the lender wants to be sure their capital is secure…

Libya is in play again.

The EU is under strain, with Brexit still hanging there.

In the economic sphere, more hedge funds are packing it in. More banks are reporting losses and laying people off. The petrodollar continues to be attacked. Farmers in the American midwest are facing disaster from flooding, which affects the whole world. And borders remain an issues as invaders flood the US and Europe.

Closer to home, Trump broke the rule of law so completely with the bump stock ban, that it is irreparable if allowed to stand. No matter how you feel about bump stocks, the way this happened is so wrong that the long term consequences are terrifying. I’ll get some links below later today explaining why.

Even closer to home, our family lost another of the greatest generation yesterday. Another beloved aunt had a bad fall and couldn’t recover.

I’ve got the next generation to raise, so I better get some breakfast on the table. Hungry kids trump everything.