Wed. April 3, 2019 – spent some time poking around

Cold and damp, forecast for rain. Yesterday was nice by afternoon, no jacket and sunny.

Since it was quiet yesterday, and I was chained to the desk with auction stuff, I spent some time looking around the blog stats.

It was Dec 14, 2017 when I admitted that Bob’s recovery would be long and hard, and volunteered to open every day, and post something. At that point I’d done 18 posts, most of them actual full blown ‘guest posts’. As of yesterday, I’ve done 464 posts, out of 2867 since Bob switched platforms. Of the comments, 2,887 out of 112,682 total are mine. OFD, and Mr Lynn have FAR MORE comments than me, as do some of you others. Which just goes to show that it is the community here, in the comments, that keeps this place interesting. (an aside- another forum where I was very active in the comments gives out “super commentor” badges when you get to 1000 comments. MANY of you would need multiples of that. 2x, 4x, or even 9x that….)

I looked at some of the other numbers too. For over a year the number of daily visitors has remained pretty steady at just over 300. The number of daily VISITS has declined from steadily around 3000 to steadily around 2000. I think that means you guys aren’t hitting refresh as often. I’m not at all certain of how wordpress counts those things, but it does look like they drop robots from those stats.

The number of comments on any one post has also remained steady, albeit lower than the average on Bob’s posts. A quick, and non-mathematical look shows between 30 and 50 comments per day is typical. Since we don’t enforce staying on topic, and threads don’t just ‘wander’ they sometimes ZOOM, it’s very hard to tell what will generate more comments. It does seem that technical content gets more comments, which makes sense.

For some reason, the /feed for The OFD Project page has 8000+ hits. If you are subscribed to that feed, it isn’t going to change for the next year or 10…. unless something drastic happens.

Google is surprisingly still the number one referrer, with ContraPositiveDiary and Barbara’s site coming in distant second place. I guess many of you are still starting your day elsewhere, then coming here? (by way of the home page, no less)

I’m grateful that you still come, no matter the reasons, or from where. I’m grateful for the opportunity to keep the place alive, and for the continuing camaraderie and (yes) friendship. I’m grateful for the help from Rick, and the ongoing support from you all.


** Added by Rick **

Here’s a visitors chart that might be interesting; click to embiggen: