Fri. April 5, 2019 – one more week without a collapse

69F and 95%RH. I believe it.

We’ve got our school carnival tonight, so I hope the rain holds off.

Despite the threats we face, we still haven’t had a collapse. Venezuela did. And it’s an excellent cautionary tale. Food. A way to make water drinkable. MEDICAL SUPPLIES. Gold or other hard assets. Most important- traveling feet.

Famines, pestilence, and war cause huge migrations. THAT is the lesson from history. When things get sporty, people leave. “Go where the food is” isn’t just the punchline from a comedy routine, it’s a basic animal drive. EVERY prepping plan MUST consider both your own migration, and that of all those other folks.

My busy week had very little prepping in it, even with a good stretch of the imagination. I did get some yard and house stuff done, that is important on the neighborhood plane, and with the funeral I attended, I got some work in on the spiritual plane, but nothing on the prepping plane.

Today I’m taking a pickup load to auction. I guess that could count as it will be me cleaning up. And my adventures in meatspace continued. I’m missing several community meetings though, I didn’t realize how many of them were on Tuesday night. Get out of the house and meet some people.

Get some preps stacked. Learn a new skill.


(What did YOU do this week to get ready?)