Sun. April 7, 2019 – weather looks ok

71F and 99%RH. Looks like some sun poking through.

Well then, plan for the day is yard and garden. I guess I need to figure out what I’m planting this year.

Carrots did well. Beets did well in the window boxes, maybe I’ll do a bed this time. Turnips and radishes showed some promise but I let the soil stay dry too long. I’ve got what I need to add irrigation to the window boxes this year. My dad had irrigation for his actual window boxes for flowers, I guess I can figure out some drip irrigation for my veg.

Zukes did really well in one bed, but crossed with the cukes and the result wasn’t good eating. I think I’ll just try zukes there this year.

And I’ll do some pepper plants in pots, like most years.

Maybe I’ll try a tomato or two, and just hope it doesn’t get too hot.

All subject to change and availability of course.

What’s going into you gardens?? Who’s going to try containers this year? AT LEAST get some herbs going…