Mon. April 29, 2019- another week starts

71F and pretty damp.  Yesterday was nice all day.  A bit humid and hot in the sun, but all in all, a great day to be outside.

Didn’t get much sleep last night either.  Around 330am someone rang our doorbell, and when the wife looked, he ran away.  So I got woken up to review what the cameras caught.

Skinny hispanic male, barefoot, acting erratically and furtive, caught on 3 cams crossing the yard, ringing the bell, then running away.  Got time stamps on when he did the same at the neighbors’ if their lights came on too.  Not a crime but suspicious as hell.

The upshot is that my homemade lash up of cams and NVR worked, but I can’t figure out how to get the video OUT of the things, and the NVR software/pc is def having trouble with the 8Mpx cams.   I’m really glad I backed it up with SD cards in the cams.  The onboard images are great but the storage is limited. I’ll have to move sorting some of that out further up the list.

Pickups today, on the east and southeast sides of town, and loading up another load for the local online auction.  Costco run too.  Somewhere in there, possibly talk to our constable deputies.

I’m tired, kids are tired, wife is tired.  Lotta grumpy this evening is the forecast….