Mon. April 8, 2019 – down time

62F and wet. We got just under an inch of rain yesterday. The sudden high wind and T storms caused everyone to cancel events in the afternoon. It was a bit surprising because TX gets weather, and other than some wet ball fields, everything should have been fine.

I was thinking about ‘down time’ yesterday as my plans went awry, and I ended up doing light tasks all day, cleaning, bill paying, etc. My work history is ‘burst-y”. That is, work hard for a period, then recover. Go like crazy, then stop. The ‘down time’ was critical for being able to do the periods of heavy work.

I am pretty well adapted to that style of working, physically and mentally, after all these years. In fact, it seems like I will unconsciously ‘balance’ the work with inactivity, whether I think about it or not.

The problem is, there won’t be much ‘down time’ in any of the scenarios we prep for. People worked HARD. They worked constantly. There was always more to do. Even northern cultures found stuff to do during deep winter, be it embroidery, or carving, once the maintenance was done. Subsistence = deathmarch. It’s only with technology and widespread material wealth that we’ve gotten ‘free time’.

If either of those goes away, it will be ‘back to the grind’ for all of us who are left.