Sat. April 13, 2019 – friday the 13th falls on a Saturday this month

72F and wet.

Yesterday was mostly overcast with some spotty rain, which was not the forecast. Forecast was for T storms. I ended up running all over town, driving both vehicles, and barely making it to school to get the kids on time.

I’ve got smallest child home with me, while wife and older child got to Girl Scout sleepover camp. LOTS of stuff packed into the car and the add on trailer hitch carrier thing.

My non-prepping hobby meets this morning and I’ll be taking smallest child. She’s got cookies to deliver, and she can sit with a tablet or book for a short while… then we’ll find something to do in between sportsball and an Easter egg hunt at our rec association. It’s gonna be a long day and I won’t be getting much done.

Maybe I’ll get her to help me put the bird netting over the blueberries. Or help getting the beds ready for planting….


BTW, does anyone else think the whole caterpillar to butterfly thing is INSANE? It’s like an alien species here on earth. No one seems to give it much thought, but DANG that’s weird. One creature enters, and another emerges. What would it mean for us if we could harness whatever that process is to change ourselves or refresh our bodies without changing our dna. And how in the heck can two creatures so different be the same, with the same DNA? Legs, mouth, feeding, wings, skin- everything changes.

There are some really weird things about radio and electromagnetism too that I’m seeing with new eyes as I study more about radio and electronics. I’ve got lots of questions that I don’t even know where to ask…. like ‘why does an em wave continue at the same speed, basically forever, even though it interacts with the environment it passes thru? What EXACTLY restricts the speed of EM waves, but doesn’t cause them to run down? What are they moving thru when all the other waves we know about need a medium? There seems to be a lot of arm waving involved…. (how can light be a particle and wave? Where does the energy come from to keep the oscillations happening?) How does light (a discrete particle traveling in a straight line) emanate from a POINT SOURCE, yet completely fill the volume in an ever expanding cone? The more I learn about it, the more it doesn’t make sense (and forget the ‘lightfield camera’ that thing is just magic.)

Anyway, talk amongst yourselves….