Sat. April 6, 2019 – so many people don’t know

Probably warm and damp, but I’m still in bed. Stiff and sore from the work I did at the Spring Festival. Kids had fun, which is the whole point.

Spent part of yesterday dropping off a truckload of stuff at the auction house. I’ve been going there for years to buy, now I have some stuff to sell. Since ebay sales are off, and I need to move stuff, I figured that this might be a good time to use a pro.

Anyway, long conversation with one of the people there. She’s not actually a prepper, but grew up country, and that means being ready for hard times, being frugal, keeping out of debt, and having preps.

I brought up Venezuela as an example of how quickly and smoothly it can fall apart. She had no idea Venezuela was failing. NO idea they’d had a multi-day power outage and people died as a result. She had heard absolutely nothing about it.

She’s not the only one.

She’s smart, conservative, and in the family business, and had no idea what was happening. Given that we’ve been watching it here, for the last 5? years, I’m gobsmacked. There are like minded individuals out there that haven’t got the same awareness.

Spread the word.