Thur. April 11, 2019 – riding roughshod over the law

69F and 97%RH. Yesterday stayed dry and even got sunny depending on where you were in town. It wasn’t stinking hot, so I guess it’s still spring.

I look around and people in power are riding roughshod over the laws of the land. This sort of thing has been more widespread and less widespread throughout history, but it doesn’t bode well for the future. This nation, the United States of America, was supposed to be different from what came before. It was to be a land ruled by LAW and not by MEN (specifically a King.) The Constitution establishes the basis for all the laws of the land, and mainly LIMITS what the federal government can do, and reserving all else for the people themselves and the States.

Our form of government is specifically meant to limit capriciousness, arbitrariness, and the power of any INDIVIDUAL in government. Things like “I’ve got a phone and a pen” are the opposite of that. Trump’s personal call for a bump stock ban, and the resulting changes to regulation that AT THEIR HEART twist language and re-write the meaning of words (literally) should scare everyone. This is the action of a King. “I want this thing, and you will do it, if I have to declare that black is now white and white is black.” This is what the ATF did with the regulation change. They redefined the meaning of words. Bureaucratically.

The most basic ideas of the American experiment are under attack. Fairness. Impartiality. Rule of law. The value of individualism. Merit. These are cultural things that made the experiment possible, and allowed it to continue, but have been under concerted attack for decades.

The attackers know that if you break the culture, you will break the experiment.

And they have largely succeeded.

Way past time to fight back, but our only other choice is surrender.