Fri. April 12, 2019 – finally Friday, or is it too soon, I can’t remember

61F and 70%RH in the swamp this morning. It stayed overcast most of yesterday everywhere I went. Got some rain too.

I’m hoping for a dry weekend, despite the forecast, as I have Girl Scouts at sleepaway camp this weekend…

Didn’t get much done this week on the prepping front.

I did get 8 bags of soil for the raised beds that is still sitting in front of one bed.

The grapevines have a foot or more of new growth. The blueberry bushes are mostly in fruit, that is a very pale blue. Time to get the bird net out. The Meyer Lemon has multiple lemons started on every branch. It looks like a bumper crop of lemon this year. The potted lime has some fruit starting. The potted orange is still flowering. The mature orange and grapefruit never flowered. The apple trees continue to struggle to put out leaves, and the peach has finally got some leaves and a few flowers. Lots of kumquat ready to pick in the neighborhood, and second daughter wants to pick and eat it all. I may have to find out what the heck you do with kumquat, and ask for some.

I did start taking things to the auction house. This is a big step and hopefully broke the mental logjam….

I haven’t been to any civic meetings this last month, but the CPA and ham networking lunch are both getting me out of the house and my comfort zone. That’s good, right? Speaking of ham radio, the wind blew over my new eggbeater antenna. I knew the mount was weak for one with that weight, but gave it a try. I’ll be trying something else I guess. And speaking of ham, the grocery store was blowing out home curing salt, so I’ve got a lot ready for the next time the ‘country’ hams go on sale. It’s cheap, lasts forever, and doesn’t take up too much space. Perfect for the prepper.

With that, breakfast and tired moppets call. What did you get done this week to get ready for whatever is ahead??