Mon. April 1, 2019 – fool me once shame on you

Weeellll, it’s cold. The weather station never synced with the display. I must have a battery in backwards, I do that a lot with the kirkland batteries. I was so careful though. Still, the heat is running in the house so it must be cold. [it just synced. While I typed the above. It’s 39F in my driveway, and 98%RH.]

I don’t work in an office, or go to school, or have much social contact with people, so I should escape the tomfoolery….

Quite enough fools in the world without encouraging more, in my curmudgeonly opinion.

State of the garden–

I harvested about a dozen sweet red peppers, with more on the plants. They did really well this year and are delicious-all pepper flavor and no heat.

Grape vines are leafing out well.

Pecan tree is leafing out, as is the peach. The crepe’ myrtles are just starting to leaf too.

The established Orange and Grapefruit trees seem to have come thru the last mild freeze without issues. The potted citrus looks ok too with the new lime fully in bloom. The apple trees are just starting to bud. One blueberry bush didn’t make it but the others are in various stages of leafing out. They are different varieties both for pollination and for staggered harvest times. I’ll replace the dead one when the bushes are in the store.

I had hoped to get the new soil on the beds and get something planted this weekend but of course that didn’t happen.

I also need to re-pot the trees I’m growing for ‘my retirement’. I like to do it at least once a year. They are all trees that grew as weeds in my garden. I figure ‘volunteers’ are hardy and worth saving, so I pot them and let them grow.

Who else is getting started on their garden? Who’s planted fruit trees?