Fri. Aug. 29, 2019 – finally Friday

Cooler, but still humid (is my prescient guess, call me swami). [76F and 99%RH]

Headed into the long weekend and we’ve got a hurricane messing around down here.  I hope all of our correspondents in Fla. and the Gulf Coast are paying attention and making last minute adjustments to their preps.

I’m going to rotate another 15 gallons of stored gas tomorrow.  I may find another tank or two of propane to refill too.  I REALLY don’t want to take down antennas or secure the stuff in my driveway, so I’m hoping Dorian stays on the East Coast and doesn’t cross into the Gulf.

In other prepping, the last of my cucumber plants died.  Turned black, then shriveled up.  Peppers are still producing.  Single apple and orange are still there.  Meyer Lemon is still loaded up with green lemons maturing nicely.  It’s almost time to get the fall garden in according to the Ag Extension.  Maybe I’ll have better luck this fall.

I have to get the chainsaw repairs finished.  I’ve still only got the electric that runs, but I have parts and should be able to get at least one of the gas saws running.   I should probably get the gas gennie cleaned up and running too, as the whole house gennie is still sitting there, unconnected.  In fairness to me, the utility hasn’t replaced my service drop yet.  Their guy told me he’d log the request, but I haven’t seen or heard anything from them.  I really want their work done before connecting the gennie.  It’s more excuses, that’s for sure, but will avoid any complication if they don’t like the location of the gennie.

I took several buckets of bulk food to my secondary location.  I’ll rotate several back here and spot check to see if they’re still good.  Most of it was put up in 2014 or ’15 with no particular preservation.  It has been relatively cool there though.  I expect spoilage and am resigned to it due to my less that awesome available spaces.

I need to check my stored fuel at the secondary too, and I should probably fill some of the 5 gallon water jugs…

I have inflatable mattresses that need to find their way to secondary too.  It’s always something, which is why you shouldn’t wait for the last minute…

Time to wake the family and start breakfast.

Let me know what you did this week,