Thur. Aug. 22, 2019 – away from desk

Hot and humid. Seriously. Hot. Yesterday was a tiny bit cooler for longer but the heat caught up.

I did get some stuff done yesterday, just not all I wanted to. I rotated 20 gallons of stored gas this week. Refilled the jugs but haven’t added stabilizer yet. Gas is about $2.20/ gal at the moment, so I don’t mind rotating stock.

I also got some good stuff in an estate auction last night. Buying online is all well and good, but the paranoid think that there is merit in having stuff that doesn’t come with a database and surveillance state attached to it. Since we know .gov went to grocery stores and pulled loyalty card purchases for “arab” food after 911, even the beans in beans, bullets, and bandaids can be cause for concern. The other two ‘B’s might trip you up too. I can certainly think of other items that might trigger a closer look under some circumstances. And hey, they may be expired but they were cheap!

I am helping set up for my non-prepping hobby’s regional event today and attending on Friday and possibly Saturday. I’ll probably help tear down too. Community. Getting out of the house. Meatspace!

That means I’ll be away from my desk… so you guys behave!