Thur. Aug. 1, 2019 – oh damn, school starts in a couple of weeks..

Supposed to rain today, I guess we’ll see. Hot humid and sunny yesterday, cooler in the evening. House stayed hot though.

Didn’t watch the second debate. Heard about 6 minutes in 30 second bits. Healthcare, evil corps, poor unfortunates, blah blah blah. “We’re doing what orangeman wants! Stop!” Whatever. Republic is dead, we’re just dancing around in the skin.

I’ve been exchanging email with the school coordinator for the volunteering I do with them. Looks like I’ll be doing 2 days a month instead of one, and 2 different programs this year. Starting WAY too soon.

This little lappy is one I put together as a possible chromebook for my daughter. It never worked with chromeOS so I put win7 on it. She got a current model chromebook for christmas (convertable slate, major manufacturer.) It sat on my shelf until I grabbed it for this trip. It gets good battery life, is only a BIT too small for my hands, and is SLOW AS MOLASSES.

I’ve been chipping away at WHY it’s so slow. Previously I’d stopped some process the googles recommended stopping, that will occasionally do something stupid like logging changes in a log file to that log file, ad infinitum. That helped. Shutting down MS update got my CPU cycles back in line. Killing file indexer (normally one of the first things I do, don’t know how I missed that) helped. And yet, browsing was PAINFULLY slow. Turns out it was AVG and Safebrowsing that was killing that. Got rid of SafeBrowsing, then got rid of AVG. If this is my machine I don’t need either. Added AdblockPlus and uBlockOrigin. Web pages finally load about like I expect.

It will never have enough onboard ram, limit is 2gig and it has that. I’ll look at adding a USB drive internally and turning on whatever win7 used to make that stick of memory usable for speeding up the system. I read some online articles about that in the dim recesses of time, when this machine would have been new. I put an SSD in it when I rebuilt it, so that’s already done. Any further changes have to be quick and easy, as this is not a daily driver or even a high priority machine. I have 2 other lappys set up for work, so this is basically just a stock bare machine for taking on trips or out of the house on non-critical stuff. Or I end up using it for ham radio, or giving it away. In any case, not worth much time, or attention, but would be nice to improve it on the cheap.

Now, off to see what we’ll be doing today. I’m pretty sure I’ll find a way to learn something.