Fri. Aug. 9, 2019 – civilization, literally to live in cities

81F and 96%RH this am. This is the time of year we set the thermostat lower than we’d like, and have it colder in the house in the morning. Over the course of the day, the AC can’t quite keep up, even with the cold start, and by late afternoon, it’s a few degrees hotter than we’d like. Oversizing the AC system can help with this, and there are ways to make the oversized system fairly efficient. Additional air sealing and insulation helps too. We haven’t done any of those things. It’s just a short period of time, and the cheapest solution is to do nothing…

@Brad said this yesterday– “After the gun confiscations, it’ll be knives next. Just like the UK …Taking away one of the basic tools of civilization. ” He nailed it. It goes even further though. The process of ‘civilization’ was literally the process of living in cities. It’s the process of developing rule of law, so that people can believe that if someone wrongs them, they don’t have to do something about it themselves, the city/the law/the people who govern will address the issue. Specialization, improvements in agriculture, and other factors contributed, but learning how to live right next to someone from outside your clan was an important step.

And they are taking that away as fast as they can- killing civilization. You don’t even need equality before the law, you just need to know what the law is, and HOW the law will be applied. The stupid bastards are breaking that by making it impossible to know or follow all the laws, and by wildly inconsistent application of the law. They’ve been doing it for decades, but we are now reaping the whirlwind.