Sat. Aug. 3, 2019 – leaving the Cape and travel to somewhere else

No rain yesterday, and a nice cool breeze during the sunny and warm day. Really nice day spent at the beach with family and kids. FEMA national forecast has us in a clear pocket for the next two days. Maybe some weather in TX when we get back that will make the final approach interesting…

We’ll leave the Cape today, but have to overnight south of Boston. United cancelled our original flight, and the only options to replace it were bad, so we delayed a day to get back on our original nonstop, just a day later.

I realized today why my otherwise smart and fairly together FIL is so messed up politically- he watches CNN non-stop and listens in the car. He thinks they’re objective news. Really. I pointed out that I watch a guy on youtube fix shoes that has more subs than CNN’s average audience. I don’t think he believed me. Since CNN and their pundits are sure that Trump will lose, I’m gonna call it for Trump. They’ve been wrong about every thing else, why would they get that right? He also reads every tell all book about government that the left puts out and believes every word, while confident that he doesn’t need to read any of the right tell alls, because they won’t be anything but lies and spin. His mind’s made up and he gets confirmation in every broadcast. I wonder if there are enough of him out there to make a difference?

I’ve managed to talk to a couple family members and some strangers, all seem pretty sure something bad is coming- minimum of financial badness, maximum of SHTF. Anecdote not data, but…

I’m ready to be back home getting ready for whatever comes. I’ve let too much slip this year.

Keep stacking, and let me know what you got done this week.