Fri. Aug. 2, 2019 – changes coming to EMS response

Our last full day on the Cape, and forecast calls for rain. Beautiful yesterday, with much cooler temps and almost chilly night. Kids want another beach day, so I’m hoping the FEMA forecast is accurate, as it has us in a little pocket of clear.

Anyone with an interest in EMS response to a Mass Casualty Incident or a Mass Shooting should read this report. It seems that recent events have finally driven home that Mass Violence is a different beast than the traditional Mass Casualty that they’ve been half heartedly training for. I’ve linked some other After Action Reports previously, particularly regarding the murders in Vegas, and the terror murders at the Pulse nightclub. This document synthesizes some of the home truths that came out of reviews of those events and offers recommendations to the EMS field. It’s also very revealing about the inadequate current state of preparedness at our hospitals and pre-hospital response. TL:DR current poorly tested MCI planning is ok for events where the victims will wait for EMS response but wholly INadequate for a violent mass casualty where people are going to flee and self transport.

Some other topics (wildfires and impacts of a ban on 5G tech provided by foreign and hostile goverments) might be of interest here–,%202019.pdf


MIL heard about the additional tariffs the Orangeman imposed on china and scoffed, “Great, now our stuff is going to be even more expensive.” I replied that now maybe more of those jobs shipped overseas would return and more of our citizens would be able to feed their families instead of going on the dole. She didn’t think much of that idea. I don’t actually think much will “come back” but better not to enrich our traditional enemy while destroying our own industrial base. Buying chinese if you have a choice supports slavery and a host of other ills. Selling out the middle class for cheaper fidget spinners is criminal. IMAO anyway.

In any case, big changes in the world, and the mice get squashed when the elephants dance, so stack it high people. They do not have your best interests in mind.