Fri. Aug. 16, 2019 – another week gone

78F and saturated. All my windows are covered in condensation. That’s never a good sign.

This week blazed by. I got very little done on any front other than starting school.

A few more things were added to the grocery shelves (not literally, the shelves are empty, stuff is going into bins stacked under a tarp until I’m sure the rat problem is over. This makes it much harder to know what I’ve got.)

I did rotate 3 cans of gas and discover that some had evaporated, so that’s something.

Garden is still failing in slow motion.

World is still here, but the rate of change seems to be accelerating. Lawlessness among certain parts of the population seems to be increasing dramatically. The cops are learning a hard lesson at the moment. We’ll be living with the aftermath of that lesson for a while. (Us vs. them only works until ‘they’ realize you can’t be everywhere, or see everything, and depends on the largest parts of society thinking they are more “us” than “them”. ) 800,000 sworn officers of all types in the whole USA. 1.2 million CHL holders in TX alone. Someone get me a number for ex-cons in the USA…

With that cheery thought, what have you done to get ready?