Tues. Aug. 27, 2019 – complain, complain, complain…

Maybe cooler in the morning, but probably hot enough by noon. I’m guessing anyway. It certainly got hot yesterday. [79F and 98%RH at 7am]

I did my auction pickup, and came home and cut the grass. That soaked me to the skin, despite my active cool vest. Took some time off to cool down. I like the chilled vest. When it’s heated up though, it’s done. Recharge time is supposed to be under 10 minutes in the freezer, but I usually just call it quits at that point. My passive vest fails more gracefully by simply drying out. Easy to tell if it’s got anything left or not. Easy to recharge. It doesn’t work well under a shirt though.

I managed to tweak something in my back loading up the truck, so I wasn’t really interested in UN-loading my truck anyway.

Then kids, dinner, wife, and youtube ate the rest of the night… there is never quite enough time.

So I should get busy doing today’s chores.