Thur. Aug. 29, 2019 – driving today

Cooler and humid? Dunno. Writing this the night before. [72F, 99%RH at 6am]

I’m doing a pickup in Austin, on the north side, with TxDOT today. I’ve got to be home to pickup the kids later so I’m on a mission today. I may not even stop at the Surplus Store, or the Goodwill outlet…

I will be stopping at the Praesk’s Smokehouse on the way there and at Hruska’s on the way back. They are conveniently located for me coming from I-10 and the south. Given that traffic and construction are a mess on the south side, maybe I should look at coming in on 290 from the north? We’ll see I guess. But I’ll probably just come up 71 to MoPac.

The rain yesterday afternoon was 1.92 inches by my gauge and lowered temps significantly. I guess Fall is coming.

The world continues on its march to war. Iran and Israel are flirting with disaster. Brexit is coming up, the Italians are still messing up their banking, China is still playing brinksmanship games with the US, and NOK is back to messing around with missiles. Jeez people, give it a rest will you?

Well, talk amongst yourselves for a bit. I’ll check in when I can.