Sun. Aug. 4, 2019 – travel day

Another beautiful day yesterday. Another pocket of sunshine forecast for this area today too. Good weather for flying is all I’m looking for…

Afternoon flight, getting home in the evening, with the morning spent on re-packing to accommodate the Cape Cod fudge and saltwater taffy we’re bringing home.

As soon as I get a chance I’ll do a post on active shooter response, informed by the two classes I’ve had on the subject, and the several other times it’s come up in other classes. I will include links and possibly some of the medical response too. It’s hard to do while on the road with slow internet, tiny screens, and other demands on my time.

Violence against innocents is going to increase. No matter your personal internal narrative for the future, violence will increase. Increased gang activity. Racial unrest. Immigrant wars. .gov crackdowns. civil war 2. whatever the cause, it’s not going to decrease for a while. Time to get tooled up physically and mentally. Harden your home. Harden your workplace. Wargame the scenarios. Start working on getting your family onboard or at least get them AWARE of your actions. If you don’t carry why not? If you don’t take an occasional class, why not? If you haven’t been to the range or shot your carry weapon recently, why not?

Do you understand the legalities of use of force? Do you understand the legalities of carrying, storing, transporting, and owning your weapons? Do you know what to do in case of traumatic injury, and do you have any tools available to you when you might need them? Have you had any medical training recently? Why not?

Have you got any idea about the things that make you a target? Many of us here like to think of ourselves as the last acceptable target for hatred and demonization. Think that’s gonna get any better anytime soon?

There are good training resources available online and in your communities. Our HPD and Constables Office both provide free training and awareness for businesses and groups in active shooter response. Yours may too. offers training in treating traumatic injury free of charge. My TXLawSheild insurance offers low cost medical training, and sponsors range days. Several of our local ranges offer safety classes for kids, concealed handgun classes, and new and advanced shooter classes. There are probably shooting competitions in your area too.

Things are getting demonstratively worse, and we all need to make some adjustments to acknowledge that reality.