Mon. Aug. 26, 2019 – one week in August left

78F and 99%RH. Yuck. Scattered showers yesterday cooled it off a couple of times. Unfortunately those times are followed with hot and VERY humid as all the local moisture heats up. I know, what do I expect in Houston?

One of the tasks that the rain interrupted yesterday was lawn care. I was raking up pecans before cutting the grass. I got over two bushels of spoiled and green pecans. The squirrels try to eat them too soon and spoil the whole crop. Little rats are gonna get theirs when the fall comes and they are the meat on the table…

On another subject, I’m no economist, or financial guru, and I’ve been wrong on my timing for a while, but holy cow the markets are messed up right now. “Frothy” doesn’t even come close. Please consider realizing any gains you have and sitting out for a bit. It’s gambling right now, pure and simple. (standard disclaimer applies.)

Plan for the day is Dr visit. My doc of the last decade is going concierge and unless I win the lottery, I’m losing access to him. This is a huge bummer and I blame our last pretender in chief and the wretches in congress with the devil.

Then some errands, pickup, lawn work, and ebay stuff. Busy day ahead, like usual.

And here we go……..