Thur. Aug. 15, 2019 – first day of school

76F and 99%RH. Rain didn’t continue much past the initial downpour, but the cooler temps did.

First day of school. So exciting, so terrifying!

Most of their immediate classmates will be very familiar to them. The school does move kids between two homerooms to break up cliques and try to keep down the drama. They had 4 kids not return this year, and they have a few new kids in the ‘mainstream’ class. I’ll have to wait a bit to see what the actual enrollment numbers look like, but my guess is fewer than expected overall, especially among the migrants.

Oh, and the bus drivers are all over the scanner today. First day for them too.

Meanwhile, we’re watching to see if commies do what commies usually do in Hong Kong, what the markets will do today, and waiting to see if today is the day it all goes pear shaped. I certainly hope not, I’ve got more stacking to do.

Stay frosty today.