Sun. Aug. 11, 2019 – Sunday, that’s my fun day…

89F and 80%RH. Sunny and hot, who woulda thunk it?

Well, the sleepover went well. Second time here for both girls, so less getting up at night, and not sleeping. Still, it was midnight at least before they slept. So I’m not totally surprised that they let me sleep in. It was a nice change.

Their ‘baking club’ made a bunch of “cake pops” which are little spheres of cake on sticks, and decorated them in various ways yesterday. They were de-li-cious! Baking has so many good learning things in it, measuring, following directions, delayed gratification, working carefully, math, etc. Now it’s not carpentry, or riding minibikes in the woods, but it’s more than 50% of their classmates have done.

And that right there is pretty sad.