Sat. Aug. 24, 2019 – almost September

Hot, humid, wet, what’s not to love?

Second and last day of my non-prepping hobby show/swapmeet/convention. I’m going in for a breakfast today, then some buying of stuff, then I’ll help with the loadout. Meatspace, I’m digging it more as I get out more. Yeah I know, “ordinary fuking people, I hate ’em”.* That’s why we’re all internet curmudgeons. Still, take a class, join a club, attend a civic or community meeting. The people around you will either be help or a threat come SHTF. Better to know them and be known (in a limited way) to them before hand. Think anyone’s gonna take your advice if they don’t know you from Adam? Think they might if you volunteer at their kid’s school, and they can count on you to show up?

Come the collapse or slow decline, when things get tough do you really want to be that loner weirdo that no one knows? I’m coming around to the idea that that would be unhelpful.

So, get out there and develop some human capital.