Sat. June 15, 2019 – as the world turns

80F and 93%RH this morning.  Clear and hot yesterday but a great night.  FEMA has us in the edge of a storm system, while has us partly cloudy to clear later.  At this point, I’m believing openweathermap.  They have been incredibly accurate for my area.  Thanks for the tip.

The march to war continues in the middle east.

Disease pestilence and famine are following their natural course throughout the world.

What cannot continue WON’T.

We are in the bending and stretching part of the destruction.  When the strain becomes more than the material can withstand, it will fail dramatically, and for most people it will look like it happened ‘all at once.’  And once changed, a deformed material cannot just be put back to its previous state.  It must be recreated, or heated and reshaped- reforged.

Bob wanted us to prepare for that change.  Sarah Hoyt wants us to prepare for the re-forging and re-building stage without talking much about surviving the failure.  I find myself alternating between the different focuses, thinking that prepping for Sarah’s view is extreme, while Bob’s view is my new normal.

Putting food in storage is Bob, putting medical text books in storage is Sarah. The idea of having to save the knowledge seems both hubris and paranoia, even to me.  BUT.  It’s cheap insurance.

Since you can’t get to rebuilding if you don’t make it through the collapse, I’m putting most of my effort into Bob’s plan.

I am occasionally working Sarah’s though too; the most important part of which is my kids.  We have to transmit our values and culture to our kids (and societies kids) to come through on the other side.

I’ll argue that Europe didn’t do this successfully with the disaster of the two world wars.  Their children went progressive and that leads directly to where we are today.

Go beyond getting through whatever is coming and start working on supporting the rebuilding.