Fri. June 7, 2019 – …these are the days of our lives

72F and saturated. Occasional spotty ‘water from the sky’ yesterday late. I could see localized raining and thunderstorms, but our neighborhood just got the occasional spatter of drops.

Anyone else here wish they’d bought gold in the 70s? Just a little every month?

Or start learning a martial art? Or an instrument? If you’d started at the turn of the century, you’d have almost 20 YEARS of practice in. Pretty much anything other than golf or bridge, if you’ve been “doing it for 20 years” you’re probably pretty good at it and certainly an ‘oldtimer’.

Incrementalism can work in our favor too. Get started. There is time left.

These are the ‘good ole days’. Enjoy them, and use the time wisely.