Sat. June 1, 2019 – and so, another month gone

71F and 99%RH.  Got a few drops of rain yesterday and some overcast.   It really looked like a storm coming a couple of times, but it never came for me.

Early start today because swim team is having a mock meet to do time trials for the kids and deck official training for the parent volunteers.  I’m a parent, and apparently I was volunteered.

Then a wrap up party for softball, then a party for my now 10 year old… busy long day ahead.

It would be nice if the forecast rain holds off, and it doesn’t get too hot today.

Weird that we still know few details of the ‘long time and current employee’ who murdered all those people in Virginia Beach.  Funny that there isn’t a picture at the top of the story by now.  That he used a ‘suppressed .45 handgun with extended magazines’ is pretty specific.  And REALLY unusual.

I better get moving.  Breakfast isn’t gonna cook itself.