Fri. June 14, 2019 – stuff to do, always…

75F and 93%RH. Forecast for sunny and clear, high in low 90s, which would be really nice.

I’ve got a mixed bag of tasks moved to the top of the list today, and I’ve got the kids at home.

Headlines were relatively quiet this morning. I guess everyone wants to slide into the weekend.

Not much prepping got done.

The garden is still growing. I need to spray the grapevines again, as something is eating them. The same raised bed that had the beans last year, the one that all the plants slowly bleached out to white and died looks like it is killing the zukes planted there. They are slowly bleaching to white this year too. No idea what’s going on there.

The cukes in the side bed are growing. The Meyer Lemon is heavy with fruit, and I found the one fruit on the orange tree. I guess it didn’t get eaten after all. Peach is finally fully leafed in, no flowers or fruit this year. Apple trees had flowers, and seem to be leafed in. I think I should pinch off any fruit this year but I’ll have to check the book. Small child picks a dozen blueberries every other day and loves them.

I got one tomato, smaller than a tennis ball, and I think that’s it for that plant. There are a couple of tiny Roma’s ready on the other plant, but they are cherry sized. That will probably be the crop for that plant too. It gets too hot for tomatoes is what I’m told.

If I was counting on the garden for food, I’d be hungry. LONG steep learning curve if you aren’t blessed with great conditions. In other news, food is cheap, widely available, and packaged for storage- stock up now!