Wed. June 19, 2019 – nothing catches my eye

79F and saturated this morning. Hot and humid yesterday, with the sun baking down. Today should be the same. Summer in Houston. Whoda thunkit?

Nothing in the news catches my eye. I didn’t watch, listen to, or even become aware of Trump’s announcement rally until this morning. Not gonna spend any time on it at all. I don’t believe him on the economy, he’s getting soft on 2nd Amendment issues, and his opponents live in a parallel universe and don’t or can’t see the world the way I do. Not much to talk about with someone who looks up and insist the sky is green. They clearly feel the same way. We’ll see what actions reveal about the opposition during the next few months.

Funny what’s not in the news, while some tattooed freak and his girlfriend begging for money online is front page…

What are we being told?
Why now?
What AREN’T we being told.

Teaching my kids to ask those 3 questions about every bit of news they see.

Who’s telling us, and what do they gain are good follow ups.