Sun. June 23, 2019 – hitting the road

81F and 94%RH this morning. With light and occasional sprinkles yesterday, the humidity was miserable.

Later this morning I’m hitting the road for Chi-town. Well, near to it anyway. Nearer than I like.

Two days there, work on stuff for mom, two days home. Posting will probably be light. I will post as I travel as I found that to be helpful on the last trip.

I sure hope the world holds together while I’m away from home. I really don’t want to live out a ‘road movie.’

Talk amongst yourselves…


Based on weather, it looks like I’m going N59 thru Texarkana, to 30 thru Little Rock, 40 to memphis, then 55 to 57 the rest of the way home. (That avoids St louis)…Don’t know yet when or where I’ll stop for the night. T storms are sweeping across the upper part of that trip, but I should get to Memphis before they do.