Mon. July 1, 2019 – should be home today

Had sunny and hot all through Illinois, Missouri, but into Arkansas it got dark and rumble-y. Missed all the thunderstorms but saw a pretty light show.

The farmers are still flooded. Many won’t get a crop this year. The gas station attendant said it’s worse than it looks. He has a two hour detour because one of the towns he would normally drive-through is 8 feet underwater, still. And the rain keeps coming.

More when I get home and have a screen and keyboard…


Sun. June 30, 2019 – rain rain go away….

Rain is forecast for my whole drive. I’m hoping the FEMA national forecast is as wrong as it’s been for the last several months.

I might have a second or two to look at this auto-post before scrambling to get out the door. Or not.

I’m headed home, reversing course headed south thru Illinois, then toward Memphis, but turning and stopping just short of Little Rock.

I got almost everything packed. I’ve got a couple of tubs to load up and put on the hitch mount carrier first thing in the morning. I decided to take down this pc then too.

I walked thru most of the house with my camera last night. I’ll get the upstairs rooms and outdoors before leaving. That should help me move on. If things don’t go smoothly I might make it back one more time, but I’m hoping for a smooth sale from here on out.

It felt good to get my dad’s shop cleaned up and organized. I didn’t find any treasure, and got the camera to look in the last spot tonight. I’m pretty sure we found it all. Now we just have to get the stuff sold and the house sold so mom can move on.

And I need to get me and the child home safely.

So I’m off….