Sat. June 8, 2019 – another week gone by

72F and 96%RH.  Beautiful day yesterday, getting hot later, but starting off awesome.  More of the same forecast for today.

I’ve got my “non-prepping hobby” meeting this morning, and NO sportsball with the kids to cut it short or take up the rest of the day.  It’ll probably be a short meeting with nothing interesting to do.  ‘cuz that’s how my life works some days.

Lots of small tasks got accomplished this week.  I feel like progress was made, although not on any of the big jobs.  Purchases were limited to a few small things, mostly for the household.  Ebay sales were non-existent.

Garden is still growing, although the one orange on the tree disappeared.

New water barrel is in place but still needs to be plumbed.  No chainsaws are actually running yet, but my hopes are high.  Just need some small pieces of fuel line, some cleaning, and one or two small parts (primer bulb, missing nut.)

I made a couple of small changes to my office, and I can walk into it again.  Not <i>clean</i> by any stretch, but I’m working on it.

More work to do later today, but now I’m off to meet with actual people.  (some of whom are hams, one of whom introduced me to the ham lunch group-  meatspace baby! and I’m not talking about the deli counter) I’m going to see if I have time to bring baked goods.